We are glad to welcome you on the web-pages of internet site of MajsterStom dental clinic. On the pages of our cite you can familiarize yourself with main directions of our clinic activity, find interesting and useful information, get to know about technologies which are applied in MajsterStom clinic and also about news and modern ways of treatment, have a look at prices for stomatological services and discounts or existing special offers.

1st of November 2000 is the official date of clinic MajsterStom foundation. During this short period of time of our work we have managed to win high respect and appreciation among our patients. The clinic was founded on family bases that’s why the whole families come to our clinic to get treatment. We choose corresponding doctor and method of treatment for everybody for child and adult. First of all, we care about your healthy smile.

MajsterStom dental clinic is a specialized paid clinic which works with modern materials, advanced technologies and qualified doctors which are members of one family. Competent administrator will answer all your questions and make an appointment at the doctor-professional which you choose at convenient time for you. That's why you will appraise our professional level from the first meeting with the doctor or making appointment through the internet.

During your first visit to the dentist you’ll be given complex consultation including computer diagnostic of mouth cavity. All materials which are used by our doctors are certified, they are officially purchased in trade representatives of the leading producers from Germany, the USA, France, Italy and Russia. In clinic there is a strict control over terms and conditions of storage for each material.

“Intelligent” dental appliances and keeping of necessary sterility in clinic provides deletion of dangerous viruses of immunodeficiency and hepatitis. Risk of cross infection is excluded. Effective anesthesia provides you maximum comfort during operative treatment. We introduce principle of a 'family doctor' which is common in the whole world. We have a file and invite our patients for regular preventive examinations. Our law says - no pain - that's why we use wide range of modern anesthetics of local action. In separate occasions we use general anesthesia with compulsory consultation of anesthesiologist and prior examination. We carefully observe execution of sanitary-hygienic norms.

Dental clinic MajsterStom offers services which correspond with the best world quality standards of treatment. The company has a license and certificates for each type of services. Guaranties are given for all types of treatment. Each doctor works with an assistant ‘in four hands’ and modern methods of treatment are impossible without that. Advanced training of doctors and middle medical staff and also search, analysis and addition of new materials and technologies are constantly carried out in the firm. All instruments come through the stage of sterilization and are put into individual sterile packs. In this way 100% defense from infection is guaranteed.

Our clinic gives 1YEAR GUARANTY for all our works!