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One of the best ways to put any person to yourself is to have a beautiful and radiant smile. And what if nature has not given birth with perfect teeth since birth? Or was it not possible to keep track of them throughout life? Do not worry, because dentistry in our time is able to perform miracles, giving the opportunity to have not only healthy, but beautiful teeth. Many clinics in our country have long been providing dental services at the European level. Having in its arsenal the newest equipment, preparations and qualified specialists, they can guarantee high quality. For many people, going to a dental clinic is not the most anticipated event. To change this attitude and not regret the hike to the dentist, you need to entrust the matter to a professional by choosing the appropriate clinic. MasterStom is one of such clinics.


One of the most important stages is the choice of a dentist. In our city this choice is very great. Each of the clinics is characterized by a wide range of services, the price range, the level of the equipment used. As an area, dentistry in Rivne has evolved over a very long period. So during this time the overall level of this branch of medicine has grown significantly. But do not let the impressive variety let yourself be confused and make choices at random. Nobody knows how many non-professional dentists in Rivne. Should I go to the first clinic if it's about the health of your teeth?

WHY should you CHOOSE US?

Stomatology «MajsterStom» has in Rivne three branches, which are located in different parts of the city. In each of them professional equipment, service of the European level, and experienced experts will meet you. You can only choose a location that is convenient for you. Here, take care that the toothache is left only in your memories, and the smile brought only self-confidence.


The dental clinic«MajsterStom» can cope with any dental problem. We provide a wide range of services of therapeutic, orthodontic, surgical, orthopedic treatment. The list is complemented by services in the field of aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics.


  1. Attention: our patients are given access to the achievements of technical progress and the newest methods of treatment, for which we closely follow;
  2. Equipment: we own the latest dental equipment;
  3. Care: we care about the psychological comfort of patients of any age, whether it be a toddler or an elderly person. If there is a need for sedation, we will never deny this, because we work for your pleasure;
  4. Availability: we have a loyal pricing policy that is affordable. The quality of the services provided does not affect this;
  5. Staff: our clinic employs the best dentists, which will help not only cope with the existing problem, but also pick up the necessary complex of preventive measures for you, in order to save problems with teeth in the future.

We have thousands of happy patients, but the network of dental clinics «MajsterStom» is ready to accept new ones. Do not forget that a preventive approach to the dentist, in most cases, will prevent serious and long-term treatment. Do not postpone it!

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