Children's dentist - family savior

First visit to dentist is a very important event in the child's life. And from the first visit depends whether dentist becomes his best friend or there will be a deep injury in the child's psyche even for the whole life. That’s why it’s better that first visit to the doctor is on preventive and familiarization visit. When child is one year old one can tell him that he (she) is rather big and to get them acquainted with ‘teeth’ doctor: “The doctor will look at your teeth and say whether they grow in a right way”.


The first visit can not be postponed more then till 3 years (unfortunately, more often we observe caries of one-year and one and a half year old children).

Later on such visits should become regular – minimum 2 times per year. If during the first visit teeth should be treated make everything possible not to transmit tour worries to your child: behave naturally and calmly. Children are not born with fair for dentist try not to terrorize your child in advance. It will be better if you don’t ‘prepare’ child for the meeting with doctor and turn the visit into the ‘event of the day’. One or two days before the visit you can play with your child in doctor: light mouth with a lamp to one another and count teeth. It is worse when the child has a bad experience of acquaintance with the doctor. In this case you should find another clinic and better such one as our which has child cabinet where doctors had special training they can behave with children and use adequate anesthesia. And before going there your should persuade child that your are going to quite different doctor and everything will be different not like previous time (but it is necessary that it will be another doctor!).

Teeth treatment in children: modern technologies

Some times we can here from parents: “why do we need to treat calf’s teeth if they will fall out anyway?” Unfortunately, such words can be heard even from some ‘professionals’. But if the calf’s tooth is not healed it becomes the source of long-lasting infection which will definitely harm formation of permanent tooth. Moreover, such source of infection is harmful for the whole organism of the child because it causes danger of intoxication and very often leads to diseases of outer organs. One should remember that calf’s teeth should be treated on time and not left to the state when they are to be removed. It is important that calf’s teeth remain till the time when they fall out themselves because they play a lot of important functions.



Teeth are important unit in digestion system even their partial loss can lead to children gastric diseases. Full composition of teeth provides good articulation and develops useful language skills of the child and allows him/her to be confident and have the feeling of self-esteem.

Why it is necessary to visit "MajsterStom" clinic?

In MasterStom for children treatment filling materials with calcium and fluorine are used for strengthening of tooth tissue. In the treatment of superficial caries we do not use dental drill for removal of defective parts of tooth and use special gel. Naturally, this procedure is absolutely painless. This method is used in those cases when a big tooth defect should not be filled and cavity for filling should not be formed. Only dental drill can cope with the last task.


To make this procedure fully painless in MasterSroM modern anesthetics are used and they are chosen for each child personally. And usage of contact anesthetics (gels) makes insignificant even prink for the child. It allows to treat in our clinic children starting from 3 years old and we manage to find a way to all little patients for the solution of their problem. But child’s cabinet in clinic Master-StoM deals not only with treatment of calf’s teeth. Very often (unfortunately, too often!) we can see ruined permanent child teeth. In these cases for the treatment of teeth the whole arsenal of means of ‘adult’ stomatology is applied including restoration of tooth with application of geleo-composit materials.