What is aesthetic dentistry and why is it needed?

Aesthetic dentistry attracts more and more people. After all, in her power to return to your teeth, not only the breathtaking beauty of a smile, but also health.

Nowadays, modern dentistry has at its disposal a variety of various methods and means to effectively solve the problems of shape, color, darkened seals, chipped. After all, in recent years, the intensity of development of modern technologies in medicine and dentistry in particular, is simply amazing. New medical methods and a huge number of new materials appear on the market of medical services. Now the correction and treatment of previously inaccessible defects became possible. Thus, it is possible to achieve strongly expressed visual, aesthetic and cosmetic effect. Therefore, in dentistry there was a new branch, under the name - esthetic dentistry.



Nowadays, aesthetic dentistry is a kind of art. With unlimited possibilities of the latest restoration materials, professionalism of doctors and technology. Aesthetic dentistry is a whole chain of measures aimed at creating a fascinating and radiant smile or, at least, improving the appearance of the teeth. Modern composite materials have a unique structure, which repeats the tooth tissue for strength and functionality. And also, they have a unique color scheme for recreating any features of the natural beauty of the tooth.


Just five basic steps separate you from creating your new smile, namely:

  1. The first stage is getting rid of minor defects of teeth, among them: cracks of enamel, various kinds of chips, prevention of carious spots. A good dentist, without unnecessary problems and tedious procedures, will be able to restore chips and cracks.
  2. The second stage is an orthodontist, he will determine and cure various kinds of anomalies, such as the pathology of the occlusion, the pathology of the dentition, or the anomaly of separately standing teeth. They can be prescribed orthodontic plates or braces. In very rare cases, surgery may be necessary.
  3. The third stage, building up or prosthetics of teeth. Here, an orthopedic dentist will come to the rescue. In more advanced cases, you will need to visit the surgeon, to remove the teeth, which are no longer amenable to treatment. It's very clear to all that all the gaps in the dentition need to be replaced, otherwise it will not smile when there is no central incisor.
  4. The fourth stage is the alignment of the color of the teeth, the standard, of course, will be a Hollywood smile with snow-white teeth. It is obvious that they will attract the attention of everyone around them. To brighten the teeth using a set of procedures for bleaching enamel and teeth.
  5. The final, fifth stage, this possible treatment of the gums. And at the request of the patient the installation of jewelry on the teeth, it can be skyses, rhinestones, precious stones or the same twinkles.
Be sure that aesthetic dentistry helps people become more self-confident. And if you, as a common man in the street, think that this is of little use, just think how nice it is to just smile.

Time goes on and in modern dental clinics there is everything necessary to help people. In recent years, there was a fashion for the decoration of teeth, all kinds of semi-precious or precious stones. With the help of which you can hide small defects in teeth, and, of course, no one has canceled the stunning visual effect.


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